Disciplined experimentation can lead to magical results of objects full of suspended energy…

NO PAIR OF US is an independent fashion, accessory and textile line handcrafted in the United States. Believing in slow fashion and wearable art these designs are composed images forming shapes and textures that together are combined into a one of a kind artwork.

The creation of a unique experience and subject matter is everywhere throughout the creative process. Mixing techniques actively carving its own path through eroticism and transgression, western and non-western symmetries and asymmetries.

Handcrafted with special attention to quality and detail, even more with a lot of passion each piece is developed to express the personality of the user and the inherent character of the elements that comprise it. 

Through elemental marks, shapes and the juxtaposition of layers distinguished by a particular color, opacity and weight I perceive my pieces as creatures that carry their own complex stories, from inception to their conception. 

I was trained as a journalist, but I chose to tell stories through the things I create; involving myself in a process that is delicate and artisan, personal and one of a kind- rare in a world of disposable trends.

Houston,TX | Los Angeles, CA